Silky... an affordable female hygiene solution !!!

Silkycomfort range of sanitary pads is result of extensive research and development by Minnova Australia. Silkycomfort range of products are specifically designed for Indian subcontinent keeping in mind a wide range of weather conditions from hot and humid climate to cold and dry weather. In all these conditions, Silkycomfort comes out the best. Whilst developing feminine hygiene product, special attention has been given to cost and confort. Cost is kept to a minimum while increasing the comfort and ease of use.

Silkycomfort range of sanitary pads also known as napkins have high absorption to provide maximum dryness. The materials are specifically chosen to be best grade and prevent rashes or itching sensation.

Product Silkycomfort range of sanitary napkins & panty liners are presented in Ultra thin and Maxi ranges
Client's Testimonials :

“I have a slim built and I prefer to wear tight pants so I prefer something light and thin. I use Silky Ultra XXL and I don't even fee that I am wearing anything. But it still keeps me dry.” - Binaya M
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