Silky Comfort Sanitary Napkins

Client's Testimonials

I have a slim built and I prefer to wear tight pants so I prefer something light and thin. I use Silky Ultra XXL and I don't even fee that I am wearing anything. But it still keeps me dry.

- Binaya M

Silky Comfort is so thin and light weight, I cant believe Silky Comfort can keep so dry. It does not cause itching like some of the other products in the market.

- Mrs. Surekha S

I used to use thick and heavy sanitary pads before I came across Silky Comfort. The thicker pads are bulky and irritable. Silky is so lightweight and absorbent, that I feel totally dry at the same time, not feel discomfort.

- Mrs. Gayatri K

I am a young active younger woman and I prefer something light and absorbent. Silky fits my requirement very well. I can remain active even during my periods.

- Miss L

I used to dread the thought of getting my periods due to the bulky pads and itching and irritation. But after using Silky Ultra XXL, I dont feel the itching or irritation. It is so good. I don't fear periods again.

- Mrs J

I find Silky Comfort XXL so comfortable and irritation free that I have stopped using other more expensive products. I use Silky Comfort XXL even during my heavy days and it keeps me totally dry.

- Miss K

Sanitary Napkins / Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Napkins (or Sanitary pads) is an absorbent pad of cotton, cellulose etc. worn by women during monthly menstruation. Sanitary Napkins are a disposable pad of absorbent material worn to absorb menstrual flow.

How to Choose Suitable Sanitary Napkins? When you have your period, you need the assurance that your sanitary pad provides you reliable absorbency with no leakages. The sanitary pad you use should also be comfortable without giving you nasty itches or abrasions at your delicate area.

Homemade Sanitary Napkin - We may think that this is primitive, but cotton cloth pads are making a comeback in the USA, British and Canada. Commercially made reusable cotton pads are now sold in some countries such Singapore.